Thursday, February 15, 2007

Self Abuse And Six Of The Best ...

Back in the 1980's, when governments had us believing that things were on the up, one of those in total agreement was 20-something Jeffrey Harrison from Venice, California. Twice a week Harrison would take a trip to the local sperm bank to leave a deposit for the freezer. Unlike the Boston bar "Cheers", no-one here wanted to know your name - to them, you were a number and Harrison was labelled 'Donor 150'.

Thirty years later, while reading the New York Times, Harrison came across an article in which the Donor Sibling Registry was appealing for 'Donor 150'. It soon became apparent that no less than 6 US teenagers, fathered by 'Donor 150', had made contact and were looking for their father. To begin with, Mr H was hesitant to come forward (a different story back in the 80's, eh Jeff?) but eventually surrendered to the call. Now aged 50, Harrison lives with four dogs in a motor home in Venice on a low income, performing odd jobs. He was concerned as to what the teenagers would think of him, seeing as his sperm had originally marketed as "belonging to a tall, blue-eyed lover of the arts". Mmm, a possible trade's descriptions case?

Harrison was quoted as saying "it's a short life and these children need to have some kind of resolution", and thanks to his solution, they do. One of his daughters, 17yr old Danielle Pagano, said of him "he's sort of a free spirit and I don't care what career he has. I got to talk to his dogs." (fascinating conversationalists, especially to Californians apparently).

"What did your Father do before you were born?" ... "He batted for his country ... err, kind of".



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