Monday, February 19, 2007

They Say Depression, I Say Who Cares ...?

According to the popular press, diminutive singer Britney Spears seems to have 'done it again' and shocked America with her latest look - her shaved head. Along with this radical hairdo, a tattoo artist at the 'Body and Soul Parlour' explained that Spears had left the premises with something else, "cute little lips on her wrist". It is rumoured that Spears, a mere 25 years old, is suffering from depression. Recently she checked in to a rehabilitation centre on the island of Antigua - but checked out one day later.

In January 2004 she married a childhood friend - an oath that expired two days later. The following year she remarried, this time to Kevin Federline, a former backing dancer (what the f**k is one of those?). Federline, however, was not exactly pure as the driven snow as he left a heavily pregnant girlfriend, Shar Jackson, for Spears. The sun shone briefly on the happy couple until, as expected in showbiz, The Spears-Federline marriage ended late last year after producing 2 children. The second child arrived in September 2006 and this recent headline is, apparently, down to post-natal depression.

Hang on, there are millions of women a day who suffer from this type of depression and I don't see them grabbing the headlines. Not unless they go off 'on one' and kill either themselves, the child - or both. It must be hell being Britney Spears, all that fame and fortune so young and you act like a total twat. Well, you give millions of dollars to a teenager, surround them with a gaggle of people calling them 'special' every minute of every day, and what do you expect?

The papers went on to say that she 'shocked America' with her shaved head. Nerves a bit jittery, eh septics? So, if someone with a personal fortune of $123m shaves their head because 'they're feeling a little under the weather' and it shocks an entire nation, then how would you describe the time that LHO shot JFK? Not quite on the same scale is it.

So, married twice by the age of 25, 2 kids, photographed not wearing any knickers while out on the town and covered in tattoos ... about time she bought a house in Essex.



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